AKL Room Views

For the DVC 1BR at AKL and Kidani, are many of the standard view rooms also partial savannah view rooms, similar to the way the regular hotel rooms work at Jambo House? I’m analyzing what I could reasonably expect to book with points. I really want that savannah view, but I’d rather get it for less points if I can!

There are standard rooms on the North Trail of Kidani that have pretty good views. These face the Pembe Savannah. Some of these rooms were originally categorized as savanna and changed due to complaints. The TP room finder may still have some mislabeled (they did last year when I was checking for savanna view studios) so I’m not sure how many of them there are. There are at least 7 according to the room finder.
Examples: 7939, 7957

Thanks pigsispigs! I love your liner name, btw. Reminds me of parts is parts. :rofl:

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A direct reference to a 1954 Disney short Pigs Is Pigs which involves 2 guinea pigs being left at railroad station after the station agent demands that the owner pay the standard pig rate. It’s both zany and an accurate look at guinea pigs and bureaucracies.

Also, here are our current pigs.


That was amazing, and I’ve never seen that short before. I’m going to make my kids watch it. It really is the perfect commentary on bureaucracy, and that has been a hard concept to explain to my kids!

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