AKL Room Type change

We are booked in a Pool View room currently AKL and are second guessing our room decision due to noise. We are expecting to need afternoon naps at times for our 6 year old. We paid for the trip using miles so we’d have to go thru our rewards center to change the reservation which i expect would be a downgrade to standard room type. I have a couple questions:

  • can we just leave the reservation as is and use room finder/fax to request a standard view room?
  • if we must request a pool view room, is there a block of rooms potentially quieter we could put on fax request?
    We are Ok downgrading if that is the only option. Any other suggestions?

I can’t comment on the room change procedures. But I will say, having stayed at AKL, the “pool view” rooms are a bit of a distance from the actual pool; it’s not like some hotels where your balcony is actually overhanging the pool deck below. And others have reported that with the sliding door closed, there is virtually no pool noise that reaches the rooms.

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We have stayed in pool view room. No noise issue whatsoever, with the slider shut. If you are planning to keep the slider open, that’s a different story. But we loved our pool view room, slept WICKED late (had to wake up DS at 10:30 one morning so we could get breakfast!) and enjoyed daily naps without issue.

If you don’t want pool view, though, I would call and change. Why pay for a view and then request standard?

It’s a very quiet resort. At night you can open your glass door and hear very loud birds and animals at night but shut the door and you can’t hear a thing.

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Thank you for the replies! I had read a couple different places about a DJ type person with a pounding bass that continued throughout the day. The Disney person i talked to couldn’t change the reservation since it was booked using miles, but did add a note requesting an upper floor room.

Never did hear anything like that

I received an upgrade once to BC CL pool view - the music played all day long. That does not happen at AKL! Enjoy!

@OBNurseNH - do you have any suggestions for specific room #s for pool view? I haven’t had much luck w map on touring plans. Thx!

We prefer bunk beds when we travel with the kids (boy/girl). Our first pool view was 3432. Very close to lobby, near elevators for easy access to pool, laundry and Mara. Loved it!

Our next pool view was a small upgrade from standard view. It is extremely close to the bus stop and we loved loved loved that. Also close to pool and Mara, though not as close to lobby or laundry. VERY quiet wing of the resort though as there are just a few rooms on this floor. I believe it was 2030, if not 2028 or 2032.

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AKL has a different atmosphere on account of the animals that live there. It’s darker at night, and I’ve found it to be much quieter at all times.

@OBNurseNH - We have bunk bed rooms too. I was having a hard time on TP trying to find those room types (only came up with about 4 total)? Maybe I’m searching wrong

I have found that the bed configurations are not always up to date. I would focus less on that and find a room you like, then state in the body of the fax that a room in that block with bunks would be preferred.