AKL Room Request Advice

Hi Everyone,

I’m staying at AKL for 2 wks in a standard view room. I’m going to request rooms 4218 - 4236, 4341 and floor 3 (thanks I think to Principal Tinker).

My question is, when doing a room request should I say under special requests that any upgrades to a Savannah view room would be fantastic? I don’t want to be cheeky and spoil my chances and get a bad room.

Any other recommendations for standard view rooms and general AKL tips?

Thanks in advance :smile:

A full standard view, I believe, would be on the other side of the hallway. I always just add something like: I love everything about Animal Kingdom Lodge and thank you for anything you can do to fulfill my request. I will just be thrilled to be at your resort. Thank you!


Thanks for the tip @PrincipalTinker…I took a look at what I had put in mine and hadn’t thought to say “thank you”! Good grief! Thanks again!

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Thanks @PrincipalTinker I have made sure I say how grateful I will be if they help with the room request, always good to show appreciation to the CMs!

The other side of the hallway from 4218 onwards seems to be savannah rooms so wouldn’t be possible unless I was upgraded.

I usually put that I understand I have a standard view but even a glimpse of an animal would be amazing - and I’ve always gotten it.


I stayed at AKL just after Thanksgiving. I made my requests on the phone to a CM. Said I knew it was only a request, was polite, said thank you. It was entered in my reservation. I got nothing close to what I requested. About as far from the lobby as ossible, had asked for close to the lobby. Requested no connecting door, got one. The only thing that I got was not near an elevator, but then I was way way down the hallway from the levator.

I had the same when I stayed at Riverside in a preferred room. I requested an upstairs room, hopefully a corner one and preferably building 14.

I ended up with a ground floor non-corner room overlooking the car park in building 15.

Still loved it though as Riverside was amazing to stay at, our best Disney holiday so far.