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Having had a 3 year WDW gap we’re happily going back in 2020. This time we’re staying at AKL (previous times it’s been WL) Can anyone give me advice on best rooms and things not to miss at the resort. We’ve booked a standard room but fingers crossed for an upgrade. Also tips for the buses would be great. Good to be back on TP to get my Disney fix each day

@PrincipalTinker you’re being paged :slight_smile:

She’s the best for room recommendations here. I have some favorites too but they are not savanna view.

Are you in Jambo or Kidani? I assume Jambo, but asking to help narrow.

I’m prrsuming we’re at Jambo because we’ve booked a package from the UK. Thanks

No need for an upgrade! When is your trip? Last I heard they were being renovated but I love 4216-4238 and the rooms directly below 3216-3238.

We’re travelling mid Feb 2020

Some pictures:


Wow these look amazing. I was concerned for parking lot views! When is the renovation likely to be finished? Do you know?

AKL has the largest collection of African Art in the US. And you can do tours led by the cultural CMs that will show you some of them.

Those CMs are amazing, and are also on the outlooks to talk about the animals but also their home country. I think Disney use three or four countries to recruit from: South Africa and I think Botswana are two of them.

There are also lots of “bead activities” for kids, where they earn beads for various craft activities.

You can also do a kitchen tour and an evening savannah tour with the night vision goggles. The safari tour you need to book, think the kitchen tour is free and you can book on the day … maybe.

There’s also abehind the scenes animal tour, pricey but worth it perhaps if you have an animal mad child / adult.

Those tours have a minimum age though.

The drumming lesson and parade is every evening, possibly 6pm or so. Great fun whether you’re taking part or just watching.

The Victoria Falls Lounge is one of my favourite on property. Some of the cocktails are very sweet though, as I discovered. It was fine, I just chose another one… !

And the Sanaa Lounge is small but you can order from the menu if you want. And you can take your drinks outside to the outlook. Kidani is just a 10 minute walk or a mini-bus ride away.

You get the use of both pools. There’s a playpark at Jambo, but Kidani has a great splash pad. And the Kidani one also has the only viewing of the Pembe savannah where the red river hogs are.


Thanks for all this great info

Do you know if any of the rooms you’ve recommended are bunkbed rooms? I know my son would prefer a bunk bed but I’d heard there weren’t many, and outlook is definitely more important. Thanks

Room 4322 and 4230 have partial views and bunk beds .

Thanks for all your help @PrincipalTinker. You were so helpful during our WL lodge trip back in 2017 so glad to have your help again! Would you advise me to ask specifically for those two rooms followed by the longer list you gave - or is that a risk - would we be better just asking for the longer list? I don’t want to seem pushy asking for one of two rooms so they ignore the wider request? When is it best to put the fax request in for Feb? Thanks again

I would ask for those two rooms or another bunk bed in that area. @OBNurseNH, you also like bunk beds but closer to the pool area?

Sorry - just seen that the fax is auto sent at 5 days! 3 years as a big gap - I’m a bit rusty on all things TP and WDW!

Yes. Our bunk bed rooms have been close to buses and once overlooked pool. Also have had pool room further from buses. Will update late as to numbers but they are in the wing near the bus stop

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adding to @Nicky_S 's great insight on things to do at the lodge, in the evenings in addition to the safari which you have to book you can also go to the savannah viewing area behind the Jambo pool and CMs will be there with night vision glasses to view the savannah. The times and location for viewing are in the daily schedule you will get.

And Jambo has in the rear of its huge beautiful lobby a firepit that is so great to come Home to and enjoy in the evening

Do you know if the rooms pictured above are still being renovated? Going in late October and would love to recommend a room with that great view. Thank you in advance!

I believe those rooms are completely done!

Oh! Welcome!

Thank you so much!