AKL questions and a few Boardwalk questions!

You can take an elevator too. I like to take the one near the main pool. @ryan1 picture is the “village green”. Walking from EP, on the right side of the green there is a tunnel that leads to the pool.past the arcade and fitness center there should be a door that leads to the elevators.

Okay so with a stroller there wouldn’t be too much advantage being on the lobby level. As we will need to take the elevators all the way to 1 when we leave. That’s good to know, thanks!

How about Trattoria Al forno? Is that any good?

I’m thinking I might stick with lunch late breakfast reservations in the parks and quick service at dinner.

There are also elevators on the other side of the lobby, towards the Belle Vue Lounge. I just prefer the other elevators that lead to the pool.

Those might be good as we are staying on the Inn side garden view.

Getting ready to do my room request! Looking at the pictures— they alllook similar. Is the best thing to ask for a 3rd floor room on the Sunset Savannah not far from the lobby? Any other considerations?

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