AKL questions and a few Boardwalk questions!

Wow that sounds amazing!!! Since I’ll have some room time for naps, this sounds perfect.

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It was!! I kept taking pictures to show it, but those didn’t turn out very well :joy:

:joy:. I would try the same. I just love giraffes, so that would be so cool.

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During the month of your trip, check out this website: https://www.magicalresortguide.com/

It’s run by liner @limegreenmonorail and lists the different resort activities if you are looking for some resort time!

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When we were there a couple weeks ago the Disney Springs bus went from Jambo to Kidani and then to Disney Springs. So I think the “shuttle” from Jambo to Kidani was to hop the DS bus. All of the other park buses run Kidani first and then Jambo so getting back is simpler as any other park bus will take you to Jambo.

And the walkway isn’t bad if you have a few more steps in you that day…


This may work but there is also a specific shuttle van that just goes back and forth between the two

It picks up right in front of the resort, at the doors not by the buses


I don’t recall seeing any signs indicating that, but I also wasn’t trying to go to Kidani so I might have missed it. At the bus stop it was fairly clear they wanted you to hop the DS bus to get to Kidani.

Makes me wonder if the van is gone as a cost cutting move, but hopefully it was just I was oblivious to the smaller Kidani shuttle. But it makes me wonder…

It isn’t.

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How far is it? On the map it doesn’t look that far. But if it’s hot might be nice to have a van.

Google maps has it at .4 miles and a 9 minute walk. I recall it as a fairly pleasant walk although humidity, temperature and time of day could play a big role…

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Right after a park day probably will want a break from sweating, haha.

I suspect that for most people it’s an entirely doable perhaps even pleasant walk, but this is a Deluxe resort so I’m not surprised they offer the shuttle - and highly appreciated it as a guest. Without it, I think a number of guests who have trouble walking (not an insignificant number at a multi-generational destination like WDW) would hesitate to bounce around between the two locations.


We stayed at animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani. Loved it! So calm from the Lobby to our room. We saw giraffes pass our room frequently.


Looks so relaxing. What area were you in?

Welcome to TP Forum!

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We were there 2 years ago. We had a savanna view.

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Plan is to start at Boardwalk and i have a few questions….

First, what floor is considered the lobby at Boardwalk?

We typically have enjoyed an early dinner at our resorts. Less stress, three little kids. Any recommendations at Boardwalk for a restaurant?
I know we will get full use out of the pizza window.
We stayed at Beach Club last trip, so wondering anything new to try.

My Adr list right now is crystal palace, tusker house, boma, Sanaa, space 220, akersus (maybe after BBB)- do they offer any additional kid friendly items?

I don’t think we will actually keep all these.

Second floor. The first floor is same level as the Boardwalk itself. Second floor is lobby and front entrance.

There is the Boardwalk Deli as well if you want Quick Service.

Thanks! So coming from Epcot, are there stairs to get into the lobby?


Here is the Boardwalk side…behind the Christmas tree you can see the stairs and porch that lead to the lobby.

You can also take concrete stairs (to the left of what I am circling), which takes you to the front of the building where the pick up and drop off area is. You can enter the lobby that way as well.