AKL or ASM...Hear me out

I know, I know this seems like a no brainer but let me give you all the details. Right now we are booked for a Sunday-Saturday trip at All star Movies on the buy 3 get 2 free offer (so 5 park days). However I saw that a room has opened up at AKL and the price difference wouldnt be that much. HOWEVER with the move to AKL we would lose a day on the trip and only do 3 park days instead of 5.

This is not our first trip in fact it will be our second this year (3rd overall), but my bonus son’s 1st trip. We have stayed at AKL before (at kidani), and one thing I regret is not really taking in the resort. If we went with AKL one of the reasons I would do only 3 park days is to have a full resort day. Now im second guessing thinking with all the COVID changes is a full resort day even worth it. Maybe I should stick with 5 park days which would allow us to go at a slower pace in the parks.

Thoughts? Advice?

I would base this on how long it’s expected to be until the next trip after this. If it’s quite awhile, I would be thinking about cramming in everything from the parks I could, so ASM option. But if I knew I’d be back in the near future, I’d probably opt for the ambiance of AKL with the relaxing resort day and just hitting highlights in the parks.


Since its bonus kid’s first visit I’d go for more park, personally.

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Is the ticket deal only with ASM? I guess If I was still getting the two free I would switch. But plan on those being half day in park so can enjoy the resort more.

There are none of the usual activities on at Jambo right now. I know you said Kidani but could you fill a whole day at the pool and watching the animals? The community hall is open but not sure how much is happening there.
Honestly I think you should leave AKL for another time. Do another park day.


We just stayed at jambo with the intent of exploring the resort more, but ended up spending more time in the parks because of covid and no fps.

@Nickysyme has a very good point. We stayed at AKL Kidani for the first time in February and while it was beautiful and watching the animals on the savannah was cool (thanks touring plans for recommending the standard room with savannah view!) the couple hours total that we spent on that was good enough. We took a quick walk around the pool area, it was fine but nothing that would take up an entire day. The kids water areas were all shut down, just the main pool was open. I’m staying at ASMo next time mainly for cheaper rates so we can get two rooms, and spending a day at Blizzard Beach for a day of water fun.