AKL Mara Butternut Squash Soup

I love the soup served at the Mara so I’ve decided to make some. My problem is there are two different recipes online for the same soup. Please look at the following links and let me know which soup you think would taste closest to the soup they serve at The Mara.

I haven’t had it but based on the recipes the first one well be very savory with lots of spices. The second would be much sweeter, almost like a liquid pumpkin pie.

I feel like #1 because I feel like I would notice the cheese factor, which I didn’t and then yes on the curry paste.

Argh!!! that’s tough

Make them both and then decide!! I have never made a bad butternut squash soup, and it’s a great base to experiment with a bit.

Haven’t had the soup at Mara, but the two recipes are VERY different. The one on the left is savory, probably with a bit of heat (spice). The one on the right will be much sweeter; kind of like pumpkin pie. It’s been abour 4 years now, but if my memory serves me well, the squash soup I had at Bome was more like the one on the left than on the right - but don’t know if it’s the same soup at the two locations or not…