AKL King Bed Room w/ GREAT Animal View

Does anyone know if room 3433 has a good view of the animals? That is the room we picked for touring plans to request for us (I know it is no guarantee). Any other recommendations for room#s with a king bed and great animal views? We want a king bed room hopefully because we think it will give us more room for the pack and play. Our number one request when booking the room was best view of animals from room. Our second request was king bed; and our third request was close to lobby and transportation.

You booked Savanah view? If you did that would be a great area. I stand in 3425- it is right off the lobby and you can see the public viewing area. Let me see if I can find some pictures

Yes we booked savannah view

This view is two room closer to the lobby. The area on the left is the public animal viewing areas. There are a couple of feeding areas here so there tends to be a lot of animal activity late afternoon. I have not downloaded from my camera the animal photos but it is a good area,