AKL Kidani Village

Does Kidani have a QS dining location?

Just at the pool bar - Maji

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But you can always walk or shuttle over to Jambo and check out Mara. They have great food and zebra domes.

I also like to stop in at the bar at Sanaa. More casual and you can get a quick snack there, including the wonderful bread service. You can sometimes order from the full menu, too. I say sometimes because I have had the bartender say no to me before (right after serving a full menu-only dish to the person seated next to me!) and managers have also been inconsistent with the “rule”


If you’re looking for a delicious “lighter” meal, go to Sanaa at AKL Kidani and order the naan bread service. It doesn’t cost a lot of money and it is delish!! Next time, my husband and I plan to return there just to have drinks, bread service and maybe dessert. :smile:

Also, of you are concerned about a drink station for refillable mugs, there is one in the gift shop in the lobby. We don’t find it difficult to go to the Mara at Jambo at all but we only do so a couple times.

The gift shop in the Kidani lobby also has out hot breakfast sandwich’s in the mornings and other things through out the day, also also it has microwave pizza for sale (DiGiornos) and many other things like that so you can bring it up to your room and cook it in there. The Maji Pool bar has a limited but good menu! and of course Sanaa has great food all around and the bar/lounge has a great menu. Finally, the .5 mile trek to Jambo house has one of the best QS places in WDW - The Mara. A bit of a hike but its a wonderful walk IMO since the area is so beautiful.


Anyone know the opening dates/times for the pool bar? I never saw it open once during our Sept/March trips…?