AKL Kidani Studio Villa vs. POR standard room

I’m looking at the MVT prices for POR and renting DVC points from a broker for AKL, and the prices are surprisingly similar. Which would you choose for a family of 4 staying for 8 nights: two adults and 6 year old DS and 4 year old DD?

POR has two real queen beds with the possibility of getting a room with a small Murphy bed. Kidani studio villa has one queen and one pull out double. I’m concerned about the kids’ comfort spending 8 nights on a pull out. Also, my kids have shared a queen bed before and once they fall asleep they’re ok, but they do better on separate beds. They tend to keep each other up for a while in a shared bed. I imagine the double size vs. queen might exacerbate the problem.

Kidani has a kitchenette, patio, and a nicer pool area. I think the zero entry pool will be especially good for my DS who loves splashing in the shallows at lakes but is a bit afraid of regular pools. I think my daughter will love the Kidani splash area. We’re planning on spending a decent amount of time at the pool.

I’m very torn!

If they are the same price I would always say AKL. Another plus for AKL is just two bus stops and unlike POR all rooms are connected to the main lobby.

I will say that Kidani has access to two pools but POR has access to many more (FQ and all of the quiet pools at POR). I know the Murphy beds are now a bookable catagory at POR. Can you get one these days without paying?

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We did a studio at AKL with myself, my mom, DS9 and nephew 13. We absolutely loved it and would do it again. AKL is perfect for kids, especially any animal lover in the family. We’re also not a family that spends a lot of time in the room, but when we did, just sitting on the balcony watching the animals was amazing.

We’ve done POR as well, and liked it just fine, but we would always choose AKL over POR.


Assuming it is the same as the pull out queens at Poly Villa and Beach Club Villas, it is surprisingly comfortable. As one who can neither confirm nor deny that he took a nap on said bed, it will be fine. Especially for a 6 and 4 year old (who have bodies that are 94% rubber anyway :wink: )


No comparison between ALK and POR as far as quality of the resort and size of rooms are concerned; I wouldn’t even think twice about AKL. Caveat - I don’t have kids, so I can’t comment on kid-specific accommodations


I think I’m misreading this. It sounds like you are saying you would not choose AKL. Or do you mean that you would?

I would ABSOLUTELY choose AKL!!!

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