AKL FPP for Pandora Attractions

For those few who have had the opportunity to book FPP at 60days for the Pandora attractions, what are you finding with availability? If you’re on at 7a.m. ET at the 60-day mark, are you able to get a morning FPP? TIA!

Yes at 60 days out I was able to get Avatar FOP at 10:10 am. You can only select one Avatar ride and then 2 of any other rides in the park.

Curious if that was your desired time or first you found available. Our 60-day mark is this week and ideally, we’d get one between 8:00-10:00.

We have ROL breakfast so I wasn’t paying too much attention. Are you going to AK towards the beginning or end of stay? There might be more availability on the later days. As of today (4 days after my date to get FP), there are still some available at 12. I think that you have a very high chance of getting a morning FP.

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It will be on our 2nd of a 6 day trip. Thanks for the feedback!

Yes. I got an 8:10 FP for Avatar FOP and a 9:00 the next day for River of Na’vi.
It was exactly 60 days out at 7am.


Is the word to get a first of the morning Fast Pass for Pandora? I was hoping to RD one and fast pass the other later the morning.

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We are also planning to ride one and FP the other both days.

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I’m creating my customized plan and its showing an 18 minute wait at 7:10 for NRJ 1 minute wait for Flight of passage at 7:42 on a morning EMH day? Can that be right? We were planning to FP that one and RD NRJ. How are the Pandora rides wait times estimated without it being open?

Was on at 7am, booked Frozen first and was still able to get Flight of Passage for 8:40 am AK being our 1st full day at Disney. There were earlier times but I want to ride Navi before then. We also have a rest day with Navi FP for after 7pm since I don’t know if DD8 will want to go back. I know overkill, but at least if she wants to we can hang for a few hours after dinner.