AKL Entertainment?

Hi! I’m trying to decide when to make an ADR for Jiko. I would love to go for an early seating our AK day, but I’m worried about getting wet on KRR and the dress code. My kids love the vibe of AK at night. I was wondering if the AKL has any entertainment like bands and drummers. Thinking of making it our first night and just relaxing.

Here is the January calendar to give you an idea:

Thanks!!! Dance Party in the Lobby would probably satisfy our need for some music.

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Thanks! We’re doing a dinner at AKL this weekend, so I’m taking notes!

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This comes up pretty often when we travel, not just to Disney but Hawaii too. There are a variety of nice collared microfiber shirts & shorts (or even skirts) on the market. We get ours from hiking outlet stores like Campmor. These all drip dry quickly and look nice. Or a nice Hawaiian shirt (rayon, not cotton!).

We don’t wear much else besides this, actually. Cotton is terrible for travel, I might take one cotton t-shirt and that’s it.

@ Pod My husband and son usually wear a collared shirt made for outdoors like your suggesting. They also wear dress shorts. My daughter and I wear a nice top and skorts. Love my skorts. ADR’s were this morning for me. I got every single time I wanted.

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Yay for the ADR’s!
With the new fabrics clothes can look really nice, but they pack small and are very easy to wear & wash. They are a little more expensive but we had have good luck at Campmor (especially for the kids) & Sierra Trading Post. No worries about keeping those ADRS!

I like dresses, myself. Throw one on in the am and I’m good to go all day. Very easy & cooler than shorts! I have one from Travelsmith that is terrific. I can sleep in it if I have to, like on a transatlantic red eye, then get up and go all the next day.

Thanks @Pod! Because of the free dining in July, I was worried it might be harder with people upgrading plans. I even slept in an hour by mistake. Ooops! I have never been so lucky.

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