AKL DVC First stay...help


We are doing a split later this year that was planned to go like this


But I ended up shaving 2 days off of the HR stay and got charged an extra grand this morning because the dates now fall out of the deal that was being offered at the time.

So screw it. There is no availability for the week I’m looking for for BCV, but I’m asking to see if there’s a waiting list of some sort. Until then, there looks to be availability at AKL Ka-something. 2 bedroom, savanna view. Dates I need.

I was able to finally talk DH into the possibility of staying there (AK is the family’s least liked/utilized park) saying as how it’s going to be projected 10’s anyway, we’d be spending more time in the room and those look to be more like BLT’s layout than BCV’s. (UOHR only has what looks like one bathroom for a 2 bed suite).

The problem is I know NOTHING about AKL, let alone the DVC portion of it.

If this gets approved, I think I’ll be requesting south wing, closest to lobby which is important to us, as is view. I really have to sell this if I’m ever going to get these two boys back here. A giraffe in DH’s zoom work calls might be just the trick I need. That being said, using the room finder, it looks like the higher floors have partial views of the animals through the thick tree tops.

  • Would I be better requesting 3rd or 4th floor views?
  • Is there a “quick” way to the lobby from the north wing that I’m missing?
  • In the video I saw there was a massive fence and a lift, is there still construction going on?
  • If you had one chance to impress the family, which room/loc would you request?
  • Do the 2 bedrooms have 3 bathrooms, like BLT or 2 funky ones like BCV?
  • Anything else I might be missing? Like how would you get to AK or MUST DO food at AKL?

Thank you in advance!


My favorite resort!

Personally I like lower floors as you feel closer to the animals. I also think rooms near the lobby are great both for animal viewing and less walking.

Any room that is savanna view should have a good view. But Pembe savanna does not have giraffes and zebras. It has other cool animals but if you’re looking for giraffe :giraffe: wow :star_struck: factor you want the larger savanna.

Sanaa is great! I haven’t tried the buffet place at Jambo yet. One big potential downside is no real QS at Kidani.


The two bedroom is at Kidani, not Jambo?

Sorry, I just saw the Ka something.

Yes, the 2 bedrooms have three bathrooms. I think you actually want floor 2 (closer to animals- lobby floor).

Sanaa has a great QS breakfast, great lunch/dinner. Jiko is amazing for the flavor profiles (different but so very good). Boma is a breakfast/dinner buffet. (Jiko, Boma, Mara are at Jambo).

The hallways are long but you are walking in air conditioned halls. The pool at Kidani is currently being refurbed but there is no other construction and if the pool is not open now, it will be soon.

Make sure you are looking at the Kidani room views, not Jambo. I am unsure of where the “north” wing is?

Will you have a car? Kidani is a great resort because parking is generally very close.


That’s what I assumed when she said ka-something. :joy:

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We stayed in Kidani room 7206, which is a 1BR savanna view. I loved it because despite only one bedroom, there were two bathrooms. Also, giraffes and zebras! (IMO it’s one of the best resorts when you’re not doing heavy park days as the resort itself is so amazing.)


OMG!!! I want to stay in that resort in that particular room!!!


Yes, Kidani, sorry!

The video I saw had 2 “C” shaped buildings off of the main lodge. I looked it up on googlemaps.

I don’t know if that actually north, but the top of the E versus the bottom portion.

I think the bottom is closest to the lodge unless there’s a walkway I’m missing up top.

I’m considering here

Mostly due to proximity to lobby.

We normally like top floor, but that seems a disservice here.

It’ll be Christmas week, so dark early. Honestly between us sleeping in and the sun setting early, I’m not sure we’d get a lot of animal FaceTime anyway.

I’d this a connecting walkway or do we have to go out to the parking lot to get to the lobby?

Room 7630- 2nd floor studio

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Wow, that room is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

I don’t think that is anywhere close to the Kidani lobby? It might be the closest wing to Jambo?

You can only walk inside or on the walkways in front of the resort. If I remember correctly you end up walking in the driveway if you walk to Jambo?

Your fingers seem to point to the end of the building!


Oh boy, see I am confused.

I was hoping for proximity to the main AKL lobby. Which building is Jambo?

I think lobby is probably a loose term. I’d be looking for somewhere close to either the main hotel lobby or to the DVC onsite grocery store (which was in the main hotel lobby I thought, much like Contemporary has the grocery store for BLT)

Kidani and Jambo are two different buildings. Each building has its own lobby. Everything at Kidani seems slightly smaller in scale (smaller lobby, smaller store, less restaurants) but the 1 and 2 bedrooms have extra bathrooms, it has an amazing pool, and you can easily go to Jambo.

Buses are at each building. You want to be closer to the Kidani lobby.


The 2-bedrooms will have 3 bathrooms at Kidani!


You are right! I meant to say that! I will edit now!

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Yep. At Kidani, the lobby is in the middle of the E. So our room (7206) was the “northern most” room on the “southern” part of the E. I think where your fingers were pointing is actually the parking garage…. You can walk to Jambo easily and it took us all of 5 minutes to get to the bus stop from our room. But proximity to the lobby and Sanaa were great. And the view was so worth it.

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Does anyone know if you can walk inside the Kidani buildings directly into the Jambo buildings? That is actually a good thing to know. When I was there we walked outside because we were going all the way from the Kidani lobby (Sanaa) to the Jambo lobby (to get back to our room), and didn’t want to worry about navigating the maze inside, but in some situations walking inside might be preferable.

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Thank you! I’m sold.

I had no idea Sanaa was in Kidani and it sounds like the trek to the bus stop isn’t any worse than Beach Club.

That was a little more confusing than I had thought it would be.


Now I’m just waiting on an email to see if they have any availability! :crossed_fingers: