AKL Arusha view room,

AKL Arusha view room,. 2 queen beds, any recommendations for a great unrestricted view?

Have you checked out the room views? For AKL, they are here: http://touringplans.com/hotel_maps/disneys-animal-kingdom-lodge?room=5524&trip_id=75894. Might be a good starting point.

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Hi yes I have and the rooms look fab but I was wondering if the animals hang around in certain areas more than others ?

Ah, not really sure yet. I’m going on Wednesday and doing the safari, so I’ll ask for you if you can wait for an update.

My inclination would be to try and find a room with a view of the water hole. :smiley:

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Hi that would be fab thank you, I was guessing at the water holes too, have a fab safari on Wednesday :smiley:

@samted I was listening to a podcast this week (Radio Harambe) that gave an audio tour of all of the savannas. According to the guys, the animals get “browse” (basically snacky treats) that are left in different spots around the savanna. That keeps them spread out and, because they rotate the (edit) browse around the grounds, different animals end up in different spots every couple of days.

Hope that helps! (I’m in an Arusha view, Bunk/Queen in 30 days!!)

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That is brilliant to know, thank you, 30 days wow wee ! We have 60 tomorrow, have you requested a room? If so zebra or kudo?! Thanks again and have amazing fun

Our request is for Kudu Trail, third floor,3239-ish. We will see what happens. Frankly, I’ll be happy with anything. The first trip for my wife, son and I was in 2003 and the advertising for AKL was incredible. We stayed offsite that trip but talked about staying at AKL in the far, far future. I guess we have arrived!!

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Fantastic, this is our second trip, before my son gets fed up holidaying with us, he is 19! AKL looks amazing, your room request looks fab, can you let me know how it is if possible? We were looking at kudo too and that area, you have definitely arrived and in style!

I understand the whole son thing. Mine is 13 and he’s still OK with Disney World. Of course, we let him pick some trips, too. We went to New York, Boston, Montreal, Toronto and Niagara Falls at his request.

I will definitley let you know how it goes and what my room recommendations are once I get there. I was a bit off. I am 27 days out from the Wilderness Lodge and 31 from AKL. I will post here as soon as I look around!

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