AKL and Dining Reservations Pre-Rope Drop

We are planning a trip for September and are planning on staying at AKL. We also are planning pre-rope drop ADR’s but are concerned because we have heard mixed reviews on the availability of busses and the frequency of which they run. Can anyone give us what they experienced? We have stayed at Coronado, Saratoga, and Bay Lake Tower and never had an issue. Thanks for all the help!

Can you Uber?

Our one stay at AKL was the one time we rented a car for DIS as there were so many warnings about AKL being remote etc. The only day we ended up driving it to the parks was on our final day so we did MK and then headed for the airport. YMMV, but we found the bus service fine at AKL - I think since AKL is relatively distant from all the parks except AK, the bus rides are longer, but we found the bus service very good, certainly no worse than the other resorts we have stayed at. Now bus service does evolve over time and our AKL stay was a while ago, but I think the sentiments on bus issues at AKL are overblown…

We can Uber, and I had considered that. However, I really didn’t want to Uber 4 of the 6 mornings we are there.

Thanks for the info. I was not concerned with the distance so much has possibly having to wait 30 to 40 min for a bus, as I have read other places. News of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears as praise for a good service experience. I was reaching out looking for the praise.

I took Uber from AKL to CR for my 8:00 BOG. It was a little over $7.00.

I am editing to say this was last week. Pick up at 7:00 and I was through the gate by 7:35.

Uber is one of the greatest things ever. If you have not used it before you get a $20 discount off of your first ide. Then if another person in your group has not used it before you can give them your Uber code and then they will get a discount for a ride and reward you with one after. So you could get 3 free Uber rides from that…
They are usually pretty cheap too. I don’t think I ever paid more than $8 around Disney for an Uber.
I hope that all made sense. Good luck!

It does. Thanks for the tip!

I had three rides last week that were over $10. Two were from the BC to AKL and one was from WL to AK.