Akershus reservation for Frozen ever after before park opening

I need your advice about rope dropping FEA. We have a 8h20 reservation at Akershus an I was wondering if there was a chance they would sit us earlier if we arrive at 8h So we can leave and get on FEA before 9h. Do any of you have any experiences about this?

I am also wondering if 1h is enough to see all the princesses or does it usually get longer. I have a DD2 and DD4.

It all depends how fast you eat and if you are lucky enough for the princesses to come to your table first. We were able to go on FEA before RD and then get in line for Anna and Elsa before the crowd arrived, but we were there are 8am for an 8am adr. I am pretty sure they seat first come first serve within reason, so i would definitely try to get there early. Unless someone else comes along and tells you I’m wrong.

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Like @heidelj says, I’d get there at 8. If you do that, they will almost guaranteed seat you pretty much right away.

Ask for your check as soon as you get seated so you can pay right away, then you can leave as soon as you’re done eating. They are very used to this request. Assuming you’re seated by 8:15 or so, you shouldn’t have a problem seeing all the princesses.

They don’t open FEA until exactly 9:00 am.

We had a different experience. We were there last month. We also had an 820am and they didn’t sit us sooner. Other parties that arrived later were even seated before us. Other than BOG, this is the only ADR that this has happened.

The princesses timing can be hit or miss. The table right beside us was done with all the princesses in the first 20 minutes while it took us over an hour. If you don’t want to be rushed, I wouldn’t recommend planning to RD FEA.

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We had a great experience with this. Basically anyone in the 8:00 hour is the first seating at any table. We arrived at 8:00 for an 8:20. Were seated immediately. Had all princesses hit us first and we were out by 8:45 and first in line for FEA. They even picked my youngest to bang on the door and yell “open up the gates”!! As a family we were able to ride the ride completely alone with nobody in the boats ahead or behind. Then after we got off they gave us anytime fast passes as the first family of the day.

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Thanks a lot guys! I’ll keep the reservation and hopefully we can get in line for FEA before the rope drop crowd but if not I think we’ll go meet Anna and Elsa and hope for a same day fastpass for FEA later. I dont know if its possible I guess it depends on the crowd level for that day. Its suppose to be a CL3

The last few trips we’ve never had a problem getting same day FPs for Frozen (we’re a party of 3), always pick some up after just a few minutes of refreshing. This was true last September and May, as well as the previous October. :slight_smile: .

You might also try reservation finder to move it up to 8am

Great thanks thats very reassuring! We have 2 days in epcot so I was not worried about being able to ride it at least once by rope droping in the second day but since my girls are HUGE Frozen fan I know they’ll want to ride it again and again and again hihi

I tried and it keeps sending me emails that they found a reservation for 8h20 and the search is now deactivated. Is there a way for the result to only be for 8h? I entered 8h in the reservation finder.

The lines for FEA don’t usually get too long the first hour or so so even if you’re a few minutes late, even 9:15 or 9:20 I don’t think the wait will be too bad.

I don’t think there is a way to avoid it, you just have to keep reactivating it and trying again.