Akershus photo package ending

I just read that the photo package will no longer be included with the price of the meal at Akershus starting July 4, 2015. I’ve been wondering if there are plans to make Akershus into a Frozen Character meal at some point. Wonder if this has something to do with that. I am assuming that they will not have to “give” anything away if this is the case, and that they will jack the price up too! =/

Same at CRT also right? But I think you do still get pic out on Memory Maker

Oh, I hadn’t heard that! Thanks for letting me know! I still wonder if they will use the Akershus castle for Frozen at some point.

wow that new really far off from implementation date, unusual. where did you see that?

HI @Pirategirl007 The info is available on a few blogs if you just do a search for it. I was just speculating about the Frozen character meal. With all of the changes scheduled at the Norway Pavilion, I can only imagine that they are incorporating a decent amount of Frozen theming.

My confirmation email for next year states Jan. 4, 2015 is the last day for print packages.