Akershus Breakfast 8/27

Hi Everyone! I’m leaving for WDW tomorrow whoo hoo! I have breakfast planned for Akershus on 8/27 and have a question about getting there. I’m staying at the YC so I was planning on entering through the IG. Is this the best way? Looking at the map, it almost seems as if going through the main entrance would be a better, more direct option. Thanks!! :smiley:

Going through the international gateway will be just fine. They’ll check their little reservation list and you can walk over to it. Going to the front if the park first and then up would be more time consuming.

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IG is just a walk from YC and you’ll be allowed entrance into WS through France to Germany for Akershus. This is the best, most direct way for you to get there from Yacht Club.

Thank you! :smile:

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