Akershus and MK questions

Is the character interaction at akershus better for breakfast or dinner?
Best way to split up magic kingdom with 2 1/2 days there

Haven’t done both, but my understanding is the interaction is pretty much cookie cutter from one meal to the next.

Without knowing more about your party or what you are interested in, it’s hard to make recommendations on splitting MK. As a start, I’d go with one of the 2-day TPs as a starting point. Personally, I’d leave the 1/2 day somewhat unplanned and use it to do things you either missed or want to do again.

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I think its better at breakfast depending on how old the “dustbin lids” are. For breakfast they do the Princess Parade around the restaurant - which “the lids” can join in. They will visit tables pose for photos and sign autographs. Book for 8am. Leave just before 9 and get in line for FEA. FP+ Test Track 9-10, do Crush and then ride Soarin when initial crowds have dipped. FP+ SE 10-11. and a throwaway FP+ at another attraction. Leave for MK and book 4th FP+ on arrival. Assuming you don’t want to do World Showcase. Then you have 2 days at MK. Doddle! Enjoy!