Akershus and Illuminations

8PM ADR and 9PM Illuminations.
Obviously, trying to get an earlier reservation, but if none available, any chance they let you watch fireworks outside Akershus?

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I’m not sure that they would let you exit the restaurant mid-meal. Other restaurants that do this have viewing areas on their footprint. I don’t think there’s that good a spot to view from there anyway.

Hi, @pcacchio:
Our family ran into this exact situation a few years ago.

We were late getting our Akershus ADR and as a result couldn’t get anything earlier than 8:10pm.

We busted our butts to get to Akershus earlier with the hope that they would admit us to dinner earlier. We checked in around 7:30 and they told us to come back closer to our actual reservation time. No luck there.

Once we showed up to check in, we had to wait to be admitted with a whole crew of people with ADRs close to ours. Everything took longer than I wanted. I watched my watch constantly.

When 9PM rolled around, our food had not even come yet. We decided to step outside in shifts and that actually worked for us because as it turns out my then DD2 was scared of fireworks!

So I bit the bullet and stayed inside with her while DW and DDs 9 & 7 went outside into the Norway courtyard and watched most of Illuminations.

But it was fine. I danced with my 2 year old who was dressed as a princess and I was finally able to stop and enjoy the moment.

What I hate is that I was so worried about trying to get into dinner and get dinner done in order to get to IllumiNations, that I was rushing us through all the magic that is the experience of Akershus: meeting and getting our picture taken with Belle, meeting all of the princesses, and feasting and dancing.

I wish I could have relaxed and enjoyed the moment more… because at the end of the evening the girls could’ve cared less about a glowing globe of fire in the middle of a pond.

What could they not stop talking about?

“Aurora said that I looked just like her."

“Cinderella called me her twin!"

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