Akerhaus PPO to Frozen Ever After

This is our family’s first trip to Disney so everything is new to us! We have a 8:10 reservation at Akerhaus. Do we still need a Frozen Ever After fast pass?

I feel like we should be able to eat and jump in line for Frozen Ever After at or near rope drop which would let us get a Test Track fast pass as our priority one pick. Honestly that’s the reason I got the early reservation…to help with fast pass strategy. I’ve read that it can be done but have also read that Akerhaus takes 90 minutes!

Does anyone have first hand experience with this strategy? Does it work? Is it too risky to gamble? HELP!

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This strategy worked for me. Arrive as close to 8 as possible for breakfast so you can be among the first seated and to eat. If necessary tell the server you need to leave by 9am and ask for the check before then. You should be able to ride Frozen with little wait. Following this strategy I wouldn’t waste a FPP on it. Then you can decide for yourself whether the ride was worth it.

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We did this last trip. Definitely arrive early. They seat in order of arrival i believe, so you’ll want to go straight to the podium outside. Make sure you keep an eye on where the princesses are so you don’t miss any while at the buffet and have to wait for them to come back. You can definitely finish and get in line before rope drop but you do have to hurry a little.

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Thanks! We also have CRT scheduled earlier in our trip so I’m not THAT worried about every single meet and greet. Of course there could be a different princess that wasn’t at CRT but my daughter loves rides so I should be able to talk her into getting in line early. Thanks for the tip about asking for the check early - I’m sure that will help with time!

The line for FEA typically builds slowly in the first hour so even if you leave a few minutes after 9 the wait shouldn’t be ore than 10-15. Don’t forget to see Anna and Elsa after as well.


We had an 8:10 but were seated at 8:00. We left at 8:45 and were first in line at FEA. We were asked to be the “first family”. They had us go to the gates and bang on them really load and yell “open up the gates”. They opened and we were treated inside by all the cast members in a pseudo receiving line. We were allowed to ride the whole ride with nobody in front or behind us. Then give an anytime fastpass as a gift.

It was all in all a magical moment for my little Elsa wannabe.


Man, if I wasn’t sold before I sure am now!! Lol

That’s one of those magical moments referenced here that really are amazing but will happen to so few people. Just don’t be disappointed if this doesn’t happen to you.


We weren’t first for FEA but we were first for the Anna and Elsa m&g. Anna and Elsa came out and opened the door and walked us to the meeting room. Then spent lots of time with us. No fpp or anything but it was still cool.

I for sure will not be disappointed but I do love hearing about the magic!