AK with 8 AM open

What time do you need to arrive at AK for 8AM open if you wish to ride FOP? Is 7AM good or do you need to get there even before that? This is not for extra magic hours, but a normal 8AM park opening.

7am sounds about right. I’d be in line no later than 7:30. Not parking, not walking TO the line. I’d be IN line no later than 7:30. Still probably be a 45 minute wait, but it’s worth it. The other rides will hopefully have minimal waits when you get done with FOP, and while you are going about your day, remember to keep checking for FOP fastpasses once your three are used. I scored three of them same day, and only checked for about 10 minutes each time. It can be done. Crowd level was low, and of course, ymmv, but it can be done if you work it.

I won’t have a chance to try it out until next week, but from several rope drop videos I’ve watched and blog posts I’ve read, if you truly want to be in at the front of the pack to prevent a wait you need to be actually in line an hour in advance. We are going to try be the parking lot an hour an fifteen minutes ahead and in line by an hour in advance. I’ll be glad to let you know how it works out unless you are going before then.


I’m going on Thanksgiving. Does the day you are going have an 8 AM opening?

We plan to be there on 11/15 which is a 9am opening. On Thanksgiving Day I’d venture a guess that even the “normal” rules won’t apply due to the crowd levels.