AK Wildlife Trains: Africa & Rafikis

Can anyone please explain how these work? I’m so into seeing all the animals in Africa and am trying to make my TP. The TP allocates so little time for these that I’m wondering how they work? I’ve looked it up, and become even more confused. What exactly happens on them and how long do they take? Are they different? Do you get off the train? Thank you for any wisdom.

One train route, between Africa and Conservation Station. About 7-10 minutes, depends on how often they stop to tell guest to stay seated. The views are of backstage animal pens.

There’s only one train that runs from near the Safari to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. How long you spend there is up to you; there’s essentially a petting zoo, some conservation exhibits, the animation class and the animal welfare centre where you may get to see the vets at work. Then you catch the train back again.

The Gorilla Falls and the Maharajah Trail are walking trails, and the time allocated is enough if you simply walk right through and don’t stop to look at anything. A bit like the WS pavilions in Epcot!

So IMO, the time allocated is not enough if you really are interested in the exhibits.

At Conservation Station, you can spend as little or as much time as you like. Here’s the TP review… https://touringplans.com/animal-kingdom/attractions/conservation-station

How long do you wait for the trains to come typically?

Usually 10 minutes