AK - Wildlife Express Train

I see that the train ride from the Africa Station is 7 minutes long. Is this the time it takes for the full loop or does it take 7 minutes to get to Rafiki’s Planet Watch Station?

Does anyone just ride the train and not get off? I wasn’t planning on stopping at the Planet Watch Station, but we have some time to kill in our plan and I thought it would be good to get off our feet on a train ride…thoughts?

I’m pretty sure the allotted 7 minutes is each way in the TP software. That includes passenger loading and unloading time, most likely.

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I think you are expected to get off. If you want, you can get in line to get back on right away. I expect, if there’s no line up to return, they won’t mind if your remain on.

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Never specifically timed it, but I’d say the 7 minutes is “one way”; I’d allow 15 if you just want to ride the loop and not get off in the middle. For what it’s worth, the train ride is really pretty boring; you get a glimpse of a few backstage buildings, but virtually no animals. it could have been so much more…


Agree with @bswan26 - this is a boring and utterly forgettable train ride. And often a fair wait for the train given that there seems to be just one running at a time… i.e. you could wait 10-15 minutes for it. Would suggest exploring Africa area instead, and playing on the drums as you exit Africa towards FoW.

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Thanks folks! I scratched it from my plans since we aren’t stopping at Rafiki’s anyway.