Ak vip tour

So I booked Ultimate Night of Adventure VIP tour at AK. Can anyone reassure me that it is worth the money. Starting to have second thoughts :flushed:

We did it in August of last year and it was great!
We got to ride FOP twice (YMMV, Dinosaur was down so we didin’t get to ride it) and Everest twice. The “snack” was a huge meal at Satuli. I would do it again, especially if your time is limited or you didn’t get key FP+


Is Animal Kingdom After Hours offered during your stay?

Unfortunately after hours doesn’t work for us as our flight home is insanely early the next morning :pensive:

You are currently the envy of every single liner. That alone makes it worth it!!!
Have a great time!

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I did the VIP tour. It was a great experience especially since I was solo and it was my first time on all of the rides so it was nice to be in a group. Since then I have done after hours and I like that better because I can do everything as much as I want on my own time (except the safari). The meal at Satuli is really fun. Dinosaur was down so we rode Everest twice. I asked if we could ride FoP again instead and she said “no because it is on the other side of the park”. I’ve heard of some people being offered to ride a 2nd time but that must depend on which plaid you get. You will have a great time!

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