AK touring

So I need help…
This is our first Disney trip and I thought I had all my touring plans done. I didn’t quite get the fast passes I wanted and now I can’t make the plan work. The times seem to be all screwy.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Going in jan during low crowd time (hopefully)
Fast Pass: Kilimanjaro Safaris: 9:10am- 10:10am
Festival of Lion King 10:30am-10:45am
Show starts 11:00am
Finding Nemo: 4:30pm-4:45pm
Show Starts 5:00pm

I plugged your itinerary in:


Idea: Did you select the 11am Lion King as preferred, or just enter the fastpass? I wonder if that might be an issue.

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thank you!
after looking at your help I realized I was working with the wrong fast pass time for nemo! I clearly need more practice at this :slight_smile:

Hmm… who’s in your group (ages/genders)?
Looks like a very, very long day, you might want to compress the must-dos into the earlier part of the day so you can leave early or take a mid day break without sacrificing the things that are most important to you.
Otherwise, I think your TP looks pretty good. A few points:

  • I’d consider FPP for Adventurer’s outpost because it can be a VERY slow M&G.
  • You probably don’t need FPP for shows unless you want to sit very close. Which may be nice in LK, but sitting further back makes the puppeteers less distracting at Nemo. You certainly don’t need FPP for either.
  • I might go to the 4 pm Nemo and do the boneyard after
    Also, you can start Wilderness Explorers at any W.E. station, all the CM’s have books and pencils. If you do it too early in the day you may find your kids want to stop and do them EVERYWHERE. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but can throw off your plan sometimes.
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Here I plugged in what you had, did some rearranging and your big problem is you had finding Nemo and the meal break at the same time. Check out this plan which also looks like it will cut down on your walking.


Your plan looks great @davidjjenkins1961!!

Thank you. We have plans for 9 different days in the parks coming up, starting on 12/18. Example, we will be in Epcot on 3 different days, and in the World Showcase, was able to make it so we are concentrating most of the time there in 4 countries each on 2 of the days and then 3 on last day in Epcot. Took time to figure it out and to be able to see what all we want to see. MK, we tried to concentrate on a few of the lands there but since it is so big and so much to do, along with wanting to repeat certain rides and attraction, we will be doing some overlapping.

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