AK Touring Plan Review Request

Hi Liners. Would you mind to review this TP for AK on 6/23. I have FPP for EE at 1:05 but the plan doesn’t use it. Should I change it to a re-ride of EE later in the day or should I change it to something else. Considered EE around 5:30 for my DD and SIL and my DS (7) and me doing FPP for Character Meet at Adventure Outpost at 5pm instead of seeing it’s tough to be a bug. Any thoughts or recommendations. We will be using child swap for my DS (7) on EE and maybe Dinosaur.

Hi Barnesa71!
Could you add the link to your plan please :slight_smile:

Sorry thanks I forgot to attach the link!


Looks like you have a good mix of activities. My only concern is that you’re cutting it very close for getting to Finding Nemo and flights of wonder. Particularly in the middle of the day when the park is likely to be at its most crowded so there could be traffic issues getting around.

I think I would split the later FP+ - especially if DD will want to ride again, and has no interest in characters. If you get a 5PM FP+ you can hit the Character spot in plenty of time.

Thanks all I will continue to work on this touring plan! I have tried a few copied updated versions and here those are

and I think this version :
http://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=1419908 uses all of my FPPs. I am just wondering if my DD and SIL would be able to sneak in additional rides on EE at other times. I know it’s a very very crowded day to be there. I think a 9 or 10 it says and it will be hot. We do plan to do TH Brunch but not sure if that will be just me and DS or all of us.

Thanks so much. I’m a first timer newbie so all of your input is much appreciated!!

Of the two trails, I believe that Maharajah is supposed to be far less crowded than Pangani. Unless you absolutely have to do both, I might do Maharajah and play it by ear whether you have time or interest to do Pangani, too.

Thank you @manateesmom!

Of the two, I like the first one a little better, but both work fine. If you go with the first one, I would use the remaining FP+ for the character spot.

Have fun!

Thank You @Agent_C for your help!