AK Rope Drop/TP advice

4 of us (myself, wife, DD10, DS3) planning to rope drop AK during our upcoming trip, CL8 for this day. TP doesn’t allow steps prior to park open, so I made my first stop on the plan for Safari with the intent on going to NRJ at rope drop (we have FOP FPP for later in day) and then heading straight to Safari after. From my understanding they typically open Pandora stuff before actual park open, is this still the case? TP has us at Safari by 9:22 with a 20 min wait, does that seem like a reasonable expectation if we hit NRJ first? Thanks.

Here’s the plan if that helps: https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3543339

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Early opening was still a thing in January. I went on a CL10 day. My mom and I got there at 7:45 for a 9 opening. We were off FOP by 9. NRJ is a shorter ride so I think you would be fine.

Tbh, you may actually be able to RD FOP and NRJ and still make it, depending on how tight your plan is and if you are at the front of the pack.

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