AK rope drop to BB rope drop back to AK

Thinking of rope drop at AK to ride FoP and maybe a couple others, then hopping a bus to BB for a few hours, then back to AK to finish the day. We’re going in late August, so who knows what park hours will be, but my big question is will buses be running from AK to BB in time for BB rope drop? I’ve never been to the water parks.

Since water parks haven’t been open at Disney since COVID closures, I think any patterns people could point to pre-COVID would be obsolete. We won’t know how they run the buses until Blizzard Beach opens on March 7th.

That said, up until a couple of years ago, you had to transfer from a resort bus to a water park bus at either Animal Kingdom (BB) or Disney Springs (TL). However, in 2019 they instituted a dedicated bus from each resort to each of the water parks.

Guests wishing to transfer from a theme park to a water park will need to board a bus to the closest resort, and transfer to a water park bus.

If I were you, I’d either drive or take an Uber/Lyft if you want to go from AK directly to BB. Going back to a resort first sounds like a nightmare.

Thanks. Bummer if we to have to go to a resort first. Changes my strategy significantly…good thing we have time.