AK plan - first go at this!

I am planning our first time trip to disney with two boys ages 7 and 10. We will be at AK on our last day. Would appreciate some comments on our plan: https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3903451

I left off FOP, even though I would really like to do it. My DH wouldn’t want to ride it as he is a big guy and probably wouldnt fit. My 7yo is timid, and I am not sure if he will want to do it either. I could split the morning FFPs and send him and the 7yo on Na’vi, while I take the 10yo on FOP. I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to split up though.

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The plan is pretty solid. My biggest issue is how “perfect” your plan is. My biggest piece of advice I can offer people when making a TP is to have a 15 minute break about every 90 minutes – 2 hours. This allows time to get distracted / grab a snack or drink / go to the bathroom. IMHO – it’s better to have a cushion of free time and not need it than get behind to the point your plan gets away from you becoming useless.

Other items -

#4 - You are running tight to get to FotLK. Just don’t get too distracted in Mo’ara!

#10 PW is only operating “seasonally” and WDW isn’t publishing when those dates are. I’d consider removing as it probably won’t be operating.

#17 – NRJ is a “neat” ride, but it’s like IASW. Once you’ve seen it very few people want to repeat it. I’d suggest using this as your FoP slot. It’s easier to get on FoP closer to park close than most other times in the day. Plus, if you don’t go on this will be a place holder for anything else you’d rather do at park close.

I see you’re hoping to ride Everest late in the day just in the stand by line. I might suggest going there at park opening instead. From our experience, you could get several rides in a row on Everest with no wait at all and still be back to Navi to take advantage of your fast pass on time. My kids rode it 4 times in a row last year with no wait at all shortly after park opening.

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I also think it looks pretty solid. I’m guessing you’ve modified a bit since first sharing it? I think your break times look OK. I see 15 mins for the first 2 hours, a 60 minute allowance for QS lunch which also gives you ~15 minutes of buffer midday, then almost an hour to catch up in the afternoon. Is that Yak & Yeti dinner an ADR at the TS restaurant? If so, I notice the plan has you arriving half an hour early. To be quite safe, adjust this to a maximum 10 minute flexibility and allow 90 minutes for a sit down dinner. You’ll still be fine, you can just shift the order a bit to fill that empty time (or adjust your ADR if you’d rather). Maybe also consider lunch at Flametree BBQ if your family eats meat. It’s got much higher reviews (92% vs 79% thumbs up on TP), and is also along your path from FOTLK down to DinoLand. :slight_smile:

I also like the suggestion of arriving closer to park open and trying to ride EE first thing. But of course that depends on your group’s personal tolerance for morning rush vs. standing in line. You might even get SDFP for EE.

I don’t see any problem with splitting your group up for FoP and NRJ if it will mean everyone gets to do the ride they’re more interested in. The two are very near each other, and if one group finishes a lot before the other, there’s always a way to fill a bit of extra time at WDW!

One last thing - I haven’t been since Pandora opened, but if you decide to nix the FoP ride at the end of the day, you might still want to walk over there because it’s supposed to be pretty at night. One benefit of the winter is you can see the night time parks without staying up late!


I appreciate the suggestions! I made a few changes. I added some break time. I also decided maybe we could rope drop NRJ and do fast pass for FOP if we can get them. That seems to be the easiest to do both. My 10yo is really the only one that likes roller coasters, that’s why I put it at the end if we have time.

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If not everyone cares about EE, you’ll probably have quite decent luck with SDFP if you’re only trying to get 2 people on instead of 4. Or if you’re OK with your 10yo going single rider (and he’s OK with it too), he could ride pretty quickly by using that line. One of you could go through the line with him and you’d just sit separately. For your FP bookings, if FOP isn’t available, then you just grab NRJ instead. That’s an easy switch to make without messing up the rest of your touring plan. :+1: