AK or Epcot on extra day?

After seeing each park once and having some down time we have a choice b/w AK or Epcot for a day. We r going November/early December if that makes a difference. There are 2 kids 2 adults. I’m thinking we may love FOP but Epcot will be more Christmasy? If that’s a word

Our family loves AK but for a second visit we all say “EPCOT”!! My kids are 8 & 10 with DH & I

Personally, I didn’t rate AK at all – except for Pandora. FOP is amazing, Satuli Canteen is terrific, Navi was better than I was expecting, and Tiffins (which is nearly in Pandora) was the best dining experience of my trip.

You can knock all that out in a day.

There’s a lot to do at Epcot – it’s really two parks: Tomorrowland and World Showcase. And Soarin’ is almost as good as FOP. Almost.

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With kids I would go AK. But my kids don’t love EP

Your kids will soon get bored at epcot I think

Are you doing Hollywood studios?

Or if you can get FOP fastpass for the second day you could do half a day in AK alongside FOP and the other half in epcot or HS?

As ive said in other threads we think epcot is best for dining in the evenings and walking round the nearby countries of world showcase

That can free time up during the day to visit other parks

I’d do Epcot for the World Showcase International Festival of the Holidays. Our 3.5yo loves Epcot and has never been bored there. :slight_smile:

We are doing our fifth day at Animal Kingdom, but focusing our touring plan on the evening. We always rope drop and one this day we are sleeping in, hitting the pool, eating a late breakfast, and then heading to Animal Kingdom around 2pm/3pm and staying until they close at 10pm. I want to experience the park at night, especially Pandora.

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Epcot takes more time during food and wine even if not eating. Crowds around booths to navigate.