AK nighttime hours

Has anyone heard any rumors about the new nighttime hours in Animal Kingdom? It’s currently staying open till 7-8:00 which is later than what I’ve seen in the past but I’m wondering if this is as late as it will get. Will they stay open past 8:00 once ROL starts? Anyone heard rumors about showtimes for ROL?

Also, does anyone know how often disney updates the website with new park hours and entertainment schedules?

I have heard that park hours should be updated in the next few weeks but who knows if they will do permanent changes right away or just start with the first 30 days? Most likely if there are FPs then the hours could be 60 days?

I wish they would hurry up and put something out there. Right now there are no late dates after June!

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I am traveling the week RoL opens. I just checked- it is April and AK is still scheduled to close at 6:30 on the 22nd and 23rf even though officially RoL will be open- and it is still light out at 6:30.

Kenny the Pirate has heard that shows are expected to be at 8:30pm & 9:45pm, all still rumour of course.