AK night time vs. SW fireworks

We are taking a long weekend trip, the 4th and last on these annual passes (may not renew). We did the “old” Star Wars fireworks in May. For this trip, we were planning to hit Epcot on a Thursday for new Soarin and F&W. It would be ideal if there were SW fireworks that night, but no dice. Friday we’re doing MNSHHP. Saturday we were planning AK and to stay for the later night time close. We really like AK. But that’s the only night with the SW fireworks that we could do, if we hop over to HS. We’d likely need to hop over before it gets dark in AK, so we wouldn’t have the AK after-dark, which we’ve never done.

Would you do SW fireworks? Is it worth it with the projection stuff? Husband and kid are big SW fans, but also really like AK and can get wiped out by the end of the day.

You most likely will get a lot of opinions. I do not think the new show is as good as the old SW FW.

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