AK Itinerary Evaluation

I’ve got Fast Passes for July set for our day at AK as follows.
-FOP 9:25 to 10:25
-Finding Nemo 1-2
-Dinosaur 1:50-2:50
-Expedition Everest 6:30 -7:30
-Kilimanjaro Safaris 7:30 - 8:30

The Optimizer approved the following steps but want those who have done this in real time to double check the calculations. In particular, am I foolish to not rope drop to Na’vi River Journey first rather than going to Gorilla Falls early. I just like the idea of seeing the animals early and not overun and the optimizer calculated our Na’vi wait time as the same either way. Even with a 90 day advanced Fast pass, the earliest FOP I could get was 9:25 with a predicted 50 minute wait time by fast pass!!

Here’s the itinerary arrival times:
1.) Gorilla Falls 8:13
2.) Na’vi River 8:44
3.) FOP 9:16
4.) Valley of Mo’ara 10:12
5.)Festival of Lion King 10:40
6.) Satu’li Canteen 11:50
7.) Finding Nemo 12:40
8.) Dinosaur 1:50
9.) Maharajah Jungle Trek 2:08
10.) Kali River Rapids 3:00
11.) Animal Kingdom Lodge 3:30 to change wet clothes and look around Lodge.
12.) Sanaa Dinner Reservations 4:55
13.) Expedition Everest 6:30
14.) Kilimanjaro Safaris 7:30 for sunset safari
15.) Tough to be a bug 8
16.) Tree of Life Awakening 8:30
17.) Happily Ever After 9:15 from our Contemporary Resort room balcony with Castle view
18.) Electrical Water Pageant 10:35 from room balcony
19.) Bed time 11 for rope drop at MK at DHS 7 am the next day.

Thoughts oh gurus of “fun” ness?

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The data on Pandora rides is still fairly new. I would absolutely rope drop Navi and not the Trails. We were late to Rope drop on 3/29 as we flew in the day before from the West Coast. At 8:30am the line was already posted close to an hour and the line looked crazy. I see you are short one FPP, you should have 6. Can you get one for Navi as well?

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I agree with @Wahoohokie: Without hesitation, I would RD Na’vi River.
I don’t know if they’ll still start operating the Pandora rides 15 minutes before park opening in July, but even if the ride starts at 8:00, you should have a 5 minutes wait if you arrive 30 minutes before park opening (everybody is going for FOP).

Last month, we arrived at Na’vi at 7:45 and it was a walk-on (out at 7:55 and we rode it another time)
At 8:45 (the time suggested by TP), the wait should be at least 30-40 minutes, if not more.

To reduce walking time, I’ll go that way:

  1. Na’vi River 7:50 (probably time to ride twice)
  2. Valley of Mo’ara 8:20 (while everybody is still in line for FOP)
  3. Gorilla Falls 8:50 (with a lot of time)
  4. Festival of Lion King 9:40 (first show is less crowded)
  5. FOP 10:40 (normally an average of 40 minutes with FP+)
  6. Satu’li Canteen 11:20 (the earlier the better to avoid big crowds)
    and go on with your afternoon plan

You could even be able to add a early morning Safaris with this plan:

  1. Na’vi River 7:50
  2. Kilimanjaro Safaris 8:15
  3. Gorilla Falls 8:55
  4. Festival of Lion King 9:40 (first show is less crowded)
  5. FOP 10:40 (normally an average of 40 minutes with FP+)
  6. Satu’li Canteen 11:20 (the earlier the better to avoid big crowds)
  7. Valley of Mo’ara 12:00
    and go on with your afternoon plan
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I’m a bit concerned about Sanaa reservation. This gives you an hour and a half to eat, return to AK and get to EE at the time you’ve given. The restaurant is wonderful! However, may take more time if you order apps and entrees.

Can’t thank everyone enough for the input!! So helpful. Sorry for the delay in replying. Been caring for ill friend.