AK Hours for October

The closing time for AK in late October is now 8:30 p.m. If the ROL rumors of opening mid November hold true, then why are the park hours extended? AK has always closed at 5:00 when we’ve been there in the past. Just wondering what there is to do at night if there is no show? Trying to put together a touring plan…

Kilimanjaro Safaris runs until park close, and they have light set up to make a sort of perpetual twilight after the sun goes down. There’s nighttime entertainment in Harambe (a dance party, I think? TP’s website has more info). There’s the Tree of Life lighting happening periodically after dark. Plus, some of the rides are reportedly pretty neat after the sun goes down (Expedition Everest I’ve seen mentioned, and I imagine darkness improves the glorified carnival rides in DinoLand). They are trying to provide entertainment to keep people in the park after dark, but reports are that it’s not been very crowded after 5ish.

I personally plan to close the place down when I go in a couple weeks. I think it would be a beautiful place to be after dark.


We have our FPP scheduled for the afternoon. Do you think we’d be better off trying to schedule those at night for EE, Kili, etc.? Or leave as is since the crowds leave early?

I have a FP for Safaris right around dusk, because I’ve heard that’s the best time, and I’m really excited to try that (and it’s DW’s only Must Do). Otherwise, mine are during the day (Kali in the afternoon, EE midmorning). Partly, it’s what you can get.

I think if the crowds are low, I’m willing to risk standby. YMMV.

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Another reason to keep the park open a bit later is Tiffins; if the park closed at 5:00PM, dinner reservations would be difficult…

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