AK FPPs: ROL over Na'vi?

I’m finalizing my touring plans for FPPs(T-62 days!!) and for some reason on a full-day AK plan the Computer Overlords are recommending I use a fastpass for Rivers of Light and not Avatar or Na’vi? That seems really weird. I generally trust the overlords, but this does seem weird. Pre-FPPs Na’vi has a predicted 90 minute wait.

This even contradicts what the big book gives for general guidelines. Any insight from anyone? I don’t diss the overlords lightly, but this one I can’t quite see the logic. I’ll be there at rope drop and the plan is picking Na’vi as the RD event too. Seems Avatar would be the better choice.


Do you have empty time before ROL? If so, the plan may be counting that free time before as ‘wait’ time. If you can get a FPP for Flight of Passage, that is your best bet. Then rope drop Na’vi & look for a 4th FPP for ROL.


No, do not have any time before, but think I see on thing that had me off. I thought Group 1 are the “primo” FPPs and Group 2 are secondary. For the touring plan pages, Group 2 are the primo ones. That makes a bit more sense. I tinkered with another day and part of what I see is that the planner predicted a 90+ minute wait for Avatar even if you are there for rope drop through the first two hours. If I’m there for rope drop, I’m at the HEAD of that line, not the end! :slight_smile:


As long as you get to the park early enough, yes. I’ve seen recommendations to get to AK 90 minutes before opening to ensure that you are near the head of the pack heading to Pandora. So you’re still waiting 90 minutes, you’re just doing it before park open. If you’re rope dropping Na’vi rather than FoP, it’s not quite as critical.


I decided to follow your advice as well as quit fighting the Overlords and go ahead and ride Na’vi at rope drop. I was able to still get a FPP for Avatar later in the day, so will be OK. Thanks for the advice!


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This came up in another thread, but figure I had better update this one:

New plan for rope drop (don’t tell the Overlords) is to decide on the fly. Still get there as early as possible and if we’re doing well and near the front, go ahead and ride FoP first, then Na’vi. If there is a big crowd, just do Na’vi. We still have the FPP for FoP, so best case two FoP rides, worst case, “only” one.

If I am organized enough after the trip, I’ll post results.