Ak fpp

We are going to AK about a week before Star Wars opens, so I am anticipating that Disney in general will be more crowded than it usually is that time of year. I am trying to figure out the best use of FPP.

Our top priority is FOP. After that, we definitely want to do the safari, the river rapids ride, FOTLK, Dinosaur, a few people want to do EE. What would be the best use of our last two FPP? It is late August, so I am assuming that KRR will probably be crowded since it is a chance to get wet in the heat. Thanks!

Definitely the Safari. Shows aren’t really a good use of FP. If only a few want to do EE, they could single rider - usually a very short wait. So for your last one, KRR or Dinosaur. I’d try them both in a touring plan and see which plan looks better to you.

If you RD AK, head right when everyone else heads left towards Pandora. You’ll be able to knock out Dinosaur and Everest before the masses are out of Pandora. I don’t know if Kali is open that early.

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I forgot to mention that we won’t be roping dropping that day because we are going to the MNSSHP the night before and will be out late. We have a brunch reservation at Tusker House and will start going to the park rides after. We have the ROL dining package, so we will be doing that too. We are also hoping to do Navi River, but I’m guessing the line will be too long.

If you’re not rope dropping I would FPP the safari and the rapids, do single rider for for EE. On the FastPass availability page Dinosaur has the most FPPs leafy so you may have a chance of getting this as a 4th FPP (although I have no personal experience of this)