AK & Epcot - which one on Sunday and which on Monday

The current plan is to be at WDW on Sunday, October 29th and Monday, October 30th and to visit AK and Epcot. (We are doing other parks and activities before).

Its so silly, but I can not decide which park to visit which day. Maybe it doesn’t really matter, but if anyone can help me with a pro con list so I can book my tickets soon, I would be grateful!

If it’s during F&W, I, personally, would do Epcot on a weekend. It’s busier, but some of the booths close on weekdays.

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Thank you for that!

I have never been during a F&W before. How long are lines typically for the food booths? Do any of them do mobile order or is it all waiting in line?

I actually would go to EP on Monday. The later in the season booths will all be open and I have never seen any booths closed on a Monday.

There is no mobile ordering at booths. The lines are always shorter early but Monday should have reasonable lines all day.


During F&W, EPCOT can be more crowded on the weekends as locals are more likely to visit on the weekend versus a weekday


I went to Epcot on a Sunday once during food and wine. Never again! So I would do Monday.


Yep–Saturday during F&W–oh my…

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If you’re staying deluxe, I’d do EPCOT on monday to get the extra evening hours.

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Staying at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek, so extra hours not in play.

I could use a few more "votes’ or input. So far, more folks say that Epcot on a weekend would be crazy busy.

Since at this point, I have to do one park on the Sunday, do most people feel AK would be (feel) less busy on a Sunday than Epcot?

The general rule of thumb is that Epcot during F&W, on weekends, can be crazy busy around the food booths and populated with too many who have been overserved, especially locals.

The TP CL are based on waits for certain key rides during the main daytime hours, not on how many people are crowding the walkways. So even though the CL is the same for both days at EP, and only different by 1 at AK (which doesn’t really matter much), the weekend at EP is a definite thing to avoid if you can.

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I use the previous year as a guide for predicting waits/crowd levels/hours to help make a decision.


  • Sunday 10/30
    EP CL was 5 and AK CL was 5
    EP hours were 8:30-9:00, AK hours were 8:00-8:00

  • Monday 10/31
    EP CL was 6 and AK CL was 3
    EP hours were 8:30-9:00, AK hours were 9:00-7:00

Looks like Disney will publish the hours for your dates in a couple weeks.

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I got my tickets (yea!!!) and set my reservations for AK on Sunday and Epcot on Monday.

But… Disney Genie says that that AK is only open 9 - 5 on Sunday, with 2 - 5 being an Extended Evening. I think that is an error. 2 - 5 is probably park hopper hours. I won’t know for sure for two more weeks until the Disney World schedule releases for the last week of October. I am hoping AK will be open until 7pm. But not sure Monday would be any different.

Will update soon.

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Yea! Animal Kingdom is open 9 - 7 on Sunday, so we will keep AK for Sunday and Epcot (9 - 9) on Monday.

Unless anyone thinks that Epcot having extended evening hours (9 - 11) would make it more likely to be busy than on a Sunday… I am curious as to how extended evening hours effect a park during the day.

Extended hours should have little to no impact on EP.

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