AK EMH mornings and crowd levels

Is it better to avoid AK on an EMH when I’m not planning on making the EMH RD? Going to MNSSHP the night before, so there is no way we will get there at RD. Considering switching my days around, but I have ADRs I like. TIA!

Good question and I’d like to know as well!

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What time of year are you going? If it’s not a super busy day and you don’t eant to change plans, I’d do it. Especially AK and especially with FPP since so few attractions require FPP in that park. You could make your reservations and fit shows and trails in between.

I’m going 9/21-9/25. 9/22 is my AK day. It is crowd level 3, with EMH morning. We won’t get there at 8, because we’re doing MNSSHP the night before and I am traveling with a 2 y/o. We go to WDW at least 1x yearly, but we are taking my dad this time and he hasn’t been since I was a kid. I guess what I’m asking is whether the EMH will inflate the crowds to the point I should switch my plans around?

A level 3 in Sept- go for it. I just did it on a level 6 day arriving at 2pm with no FPP. IMO, its not worth changing plans around. Have you tried making a personalized TP for that specific date and the time you will get there?

Yes, and I was trying to re-optimize it tonight but can’t seem to get anything through the PTP “system” tonight. I wonder if anyone else is having that issue? I restarted my browser. Posted about it in chat but no responses.

Shouldn’t a serious issue on a day. Get FPP for EE, KS and Dino. Especially if you plan on staying until late afternoon, you should be able to do most things with a minimal wait. On Memorial Day I got to AK at 3, waited out a T-storm with a group of Liners at the Dawa Bar for an hour, and still did all of the major attractions and had a TS dinner before the park closed at 8… Without ANY FPPs.

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Agree that late afternoon is a great time for touring AK especially when it’s open till 7 or 8pm - it really empties out the last couple of hours and many rides become a walk on.

Crowd Calendar actually is showing a 4 for AK on 9/22, but I still agree with everyone else given that: you have good adrs, you have a 2yo, party night before…
Sleep in a bit, get good FPPs. Park closes at 6, so it will be a shorter day, but even if you flip to another day, the latest it is open is 7.

Remember, good TP and FPPs are the most important item for a good touring day. Have fun!