AK Dining ends at 5:00pm on Sundays?

Today I am making dining reservations for our June trip. I have found that all table service ends at 5:00pm at AK on Sundays - Tiffins, Tusker House, Rain Forest Cafe, Tak and Yeti (ends at 4:30). The park itself is open until 8:00pm. I thought maybe something was off on our scheduled evening there on June 19, but it appears that every Sunday all of the table service ends at 5:00. Anyone else ever run into this? We were going to explore AKL on Sunday afternoon after our noon arrival and then go eat in AK around 5:00-5:30, but no restaurants are open past 5:00…

Yes this seems to be a thing right now and it stinks. Staffing thing? Not sure.

Ugh! Well, DS and DH requested Rain Forest Cafe last minute when I was asking them one last time last night “If you have any requests for Disney restaurant, I need to know NOW” - lol! 5:00 would have been perfect to relax at AKL all afternoon and then hit up a few AK rides in the evening. I do have a Landry’s card - would that get us in without a reservation maybe around 4:30? RIght now we have a 3:15 RFC reservation…

That’s not too bad though. Less ideal than the 5p but you’ll still finish by 4:30ish and have plenty of evening time at AK (they’ll extend the hours most likely)

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Is there a compelling reason to do RFC at AK rather than the RFC at DS? I only mention it because you can possibly get an ADR at RFC at DS for a later time, and it would give you more time in AK.

This is why, I think:

Just a FYI that I had booked Yak and Yeti for mid-May and wanted to be as late as possible. They only booked out to 5. I booked it, but also set up a reservation finder for my desired time (7ish) and I was notified a few weeks later that it was available. They had extended their hours. So, it may be worth setting up a reservation finder for it.


This happened to me. I would def keep checking. Had a reservation for early June in AK at tiffins for 430…there was nothing later. I now have a 7:00 reservation. The times were extended a couple weeks after I made my initial ADRs.

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Top tip!

Thanks everyone! Right now the AK hours are until 8:00, so it does seem like the restaurants should “catch up” and open up more availability. I’ll keep checking!

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All of the restaurant hours appear to have been updated today to be open until 8:00 pm - but it doesn’t seem that ADR availability has been loaded yet as I am not seeing anything available through June 26. But hopefully that means its coming soon.

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Call AK Rainforest Cafe directly at 407-938-9100. (Don’t worry, there’s no wait :wink:) You will most likely be able to get a reservation at 4:30. And then you can inquire about a later closing time.


Thanks-I will do this! :blush:

Later times have opened up at many of the AK restaurants for June - I was able to get my Yak & Yeti 6pm dinner on June 23


Perfect-thanks! Just changed it from 3:15 to 4:45. :slight_smile: