AK Day-- modifying fast passes?

We are leaving in 14 days for our very first family WDW trip! We’ve recently decided to RD FOP and NRJ on our AK day to help free up our afternoon to hop over to HS. My question is this: With us RD the Pandora rides, is it possible to modify our existing afternoon FP to be earlier in the day? We currently have a 3pm Safari FP and a 4:40 Pandora FP (also have a 9:30 EE FP that I am keeping because it fits with our plans, even with the RD of Pandora). I’d love to ride Pandora twice, but also don’t want to wait around all day for that FP, and for sure don’t want to wait in line for hours:sweat_smile: Any suggestions?

Just modify, modify, modify. Though your best chance in the FOP one will probably be if they drop new ones at 11.01 or 1.01 the day you are there (they usually drop at 3.01 too if you were still going to be in the park but they might not be earlier than what you have currently). Drops are never guaranteed but happen regularly. You have to be ready to go though, they disappear fast.


Thanks! I figured it was a long shot for FOP but thought I’d ask. My biggest dilemma right now is if I can’t get it modified do I just drop it altogether so I can get FP for the other rides we want to do. Besides Safari, my boys want to ride DINOSAUR and Triceratop Spin (I realize that is a very low grade ride, but my 5 year old is set on it… LOL). We also have an ADR at Tuskerhouse at 12:35, so I have to work around that too. But from these boards I’ve gathered that a FP might not even be necessary for those two rides?