AK crowd tracker has just gone through the roof?

We are at DisneyWorld for the 2nd 2 weeks of July and I’ve tentaively arranged what parks we are going to - I’ve just had an email to say that there have been changed to the crowd tracker for our dates and AK has gone from a 6 or 7 to a 9 or 10 EVERY DAY!!

Have people experienced this sort of thing before?

As a result of some operational changes, prediction of crowd levels has become difficult and you will see some fluctuations and Touring Plans tries to zero-in there algorithms.

For a discussion of this look here:

FYI, the citation refers to another “L”, not me.

I am curious if last year’s crowds are impacting the calendar?

We are going in October, and received the crowd level increase as well. Bummer.

We’re going in January and just got the increase too. Ahhh! Is there a low-crowd time at Disney anymore?

Did AK go up because Pandora hasn’t calmed down as anticipated? And I wonder if things will change once TSL opens?

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Yeah, I’m not buying the changes. I re-evaluated my TPs for our October trip and it’s giving me a 10 minute wait for PoTC at rope drop. Really? I’ve done it many times, it’s maybe 4 minutes, and that’s just walking through the queue. I get that they’re trying to be more accurate but something’s still off.