AK crowd calendar Q

Why is AK among the more popular parks week of 1/27? it has some of the higher #s compared to other parks.

Welcome. The CLs indicate wait times not number of people on the park. Last January wait times were up because they cut back on staff in January and therefore rides weren’t at capacity, increasing waits. It’s possible to have long waits even if the park doesn’t feel crowded.

Thanks! So much to learn!q

Hang out in the forum. You will learn a lot.

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Thanks! 7 days to go before my trip. Hope I can learn enough. Luckily I’ve been on other groups to learn about Disney in general but it seems like this group has more detailed oriented people and I’m here for it. I’m really lost on how to navigate the forum though. How do I “follow” a thread and get email notifications on new comments? I see it auto does it for threads I’ve created. Really interested in following ROTR stuff, do you have tips for that?

Just below my answer here you will see several Tabs (Bookmark, Share, Flag Reply) and below that a tab that says either Mute Normal Tracking or Watching. You can click on that last tab to get notices of every post, or less.

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