AK at rope drop FOP June 18 NON EMH

Here is a detailed time line regarding my experience rope dropping FOP without a fast-pass. Non EMH day

    1. Parked car in preferred parking: 7:50
    1. Assembled 14 people and arrived at gate exactly at 8 AM (8 -10 tapstyles open) each line = 50-60 people.
    1. Tap styles open at 8:15 and the masses start pouring through
    1. 95% of crowd headed to FOP
    1. Assembled at entrance to Avatar . estimated 250 - 300 people to the front of us and an uncountable number behind.
    1. 8:40 the crowd is released to start queuing up for FOP
    1. The line immediately is routed up to Africa and back to the entrance to FOP
    1. We reach the entrance to FOP at 8:55 (posted wait time 60 min)
    1. We move quickly through the que, the que is shortened because we did not see all of the experiences.
    1. 9:15 we were on the ride itself.
    1. Ride was fantastic
    1. exited the gift shop at about 9:25

Good Job. What did you do next on your plan?

Kali River 10 min wait
Everest 35 Min wait only because ride was down and we were in que
FP Dinosaur walk on
FP Safari walk on
Bug walk on
FP Navi River walk on
A little shopping and out of park
Primeval Whirl = closed

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Questions - what is preferred park? how do I get it? does all parks have preferred parking? Thanks in advance

If you drive to the park, you have the option of paying more to park closer to the park entrance. I think it was $45 vs $30 (or $35). At AK, regular parking was being directed to the parking spots on the furthest edge of the parking lot. You must then board the parking lot shuttle train to get to the park entrance. You state your preference and pay at the parking lot gate. I thought it was an advantage both entering and exiting the parks. Our walk (somewhat brisk), from the car to the tap styles line was probably less than 3 minutes.

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Great job. Thanks for the post!

Thanks for the information.