AK at night - June 2021

I was hoping you could help me predict if AK will be open at night on the weeknights in June or only on the weekends. I know there is no way to know but I may add an extra park day for Sunday just to experience AK at night. It’s only $50 more for our party of 3 to switch from our 5-day ticket (one park a day) to a 6-day ticket. I was planning on only going on the weekdays to hopefully avoid those weekend crowds.

We are flying in on June 5 evening and flying out on June 12 in the evening. We are West Coast so I did not want to rope drop June 6 and was planning on a resort day but now I’m considering doing AK evening on Sunday. What do you think? Or should I just wait to see if hours extend and do AK another evening during the week?

I’d do it for $50

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I would also spring for the $50 for an extra park day. Even if you spend the entire rest of that day resting at the resort, a couple hours at AK would be a nice way to end the day.


Thank you so much! I appreciate the support of adding on another day. I’m so excited to visit AK. I’ve never been and it looks beautiful!