Feedback on my plans? I want to split a day between AK and EPCOT. DS4, DS1, DH, my mom (70) and myself. We’ve all been to WDW except DS1, and we kind of take it slow but move with purpose if that makes sense.
My family are earlier risers, but we’ll be going to EEMH at HS the day before this.

I had planned on going to AK and using EEMH from 7-8 then EPCOT, but my sister mentioned it might be a better idea to do EPCOT first then AK because she likes EPCOT better. (with a break in between)

Must dos at AK: KS, Lion King, Boneyard, EE(riderswap, single rider, or use FPP) possibly meet mickey and minnie. Everything else is optional.
Must dos at EPCOT: Soarin (my mom’s favorite), meet ralph and vanellope, and the seas tanks.

Any advice or feedback? I’ve got some extras in there (triceratop spin) that can easily be removed if we decide to skip them. My FPP day is Thursday, and I have no idea which park to get FPP for. My gut still says do AK in the AM and get those FPP and get a SDFP for Soarin.



I say Epcot in the morning, with a PPO GG breakfast. The staff at CM knows that PPO breakfasts are for people who are trying to beat the rush to Soarin, so they are happy to serve you quickly and expedite your day. You can probably get one Soarin in before the park even opens, and possibly get in line for another before the RD crowd arrives.

Which FPP would you suggest with this strategy?
Also, I don’t have the dining plan, so is this worth it out of pocket?

If you do this plan I would FP at AK for the afternoon.

As far as it being worth it…that’s pretty subjective. I think it’s about $35 per person, so it’s not super cheap. If it were for my group of 11 people I would say probably not. But if it’s the 5 of you, and you are actually only paying for 4, maybe? I know RD rush is super hard with littles, and probably harder with the elderly. The PPO GG takes the pressure off.


Thanks for the input - I love your doggie by the way!

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I would do FP for AK. What time do you normally take your midday break? I’d pick EPCOT for whichever part of the day you expect to have the most time in the park with either Rd for soarin or same day fp.

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When are you going? Come the fall
Some things in AK close earlier.

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Sometimes we break around noon, sometimes later, it just depends on what we’re trying to get done in the day. If we went to AK first, since it’s open earlier, we would likely break earlier. If we go to EPCOT first, i’m not sure when we would break.

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Going the end of September.

World showcase doesn’t officially open until later in the day at Epcot. Usually at 11. Not sure that matters to you but just something to keep in mind.

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Are you doing another day in Epcot? I can’t imagine going to Epcot and not spending a lot of time in world showcase.

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Sorin’ has longer lines, Id hit EP first and FPs at AK.

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