AK AH or after 5 ticket?

Hi all! I haven’t posted in quite awhile but thought a would ask a WWYD to this Disney loving group!
I have a quick trip planned for next weekend to go to UOR with our annual passes we obtained last visit (thanks BSoM!) It will be me, DS14, DS11 and DD8.
DD8 is having a hard time grasping the idea that we would be in Orlando and not be on Disney property! She keeps asking if we will go on the ride that lets you fly (FOP). And truth be told I am feeling the same way as her!
So we could head to Disney and go to AK for AH or use an after 5pm convention ticket. I don’t mind paying the extra for AH (I think about $240 vs $520) but am a little worried about being out so late with DD8. We are only in Orlando for 4 days and staying up so late will prevent us from using much of our last day (5pm flight out).
I did book Sanaa for 2:30 (will try to modify to later time) on the Monday we may go to AK. I know my DS’s will be heaven there. We have never been, but I have always wanted to go.
I am not too worried about FP. There shows some availability for KS, KRR, EE. FOP is gone but I can try FP4Me and look at drop times. Worst case we get in line at park closing. We should also be able to fit in Lion King show with after 5 ticket but not AH.

Definitely a difficult decision. Without DD8 as a factor I would choose AK DAH over the 5PM convention ticket (or the newly announced Mid-Day Magic ticket).

However with a 2:30 on-property start I would place heavier weight on DD8 needing the shorter evening and go with either the Convention ticket or the Mid-Day Magic ticket.

EDIT … I just realized that the Mid-Day Magic ticket requires a minimum purchase of 2 days

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I think with DD, I would go with convention tickets

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Thank you for your responses! I ended up being able to move Sanaa to 5 PM. As I watched fast passes being booked up I begin to worry that we would not have enough time with the after 5 PM ticket so I booked AH! I was able to get us fast passes for KS, KRR, and ROL during park hours. Then once the party starts at nine we will ride EE and head over to Pandora. We will snack along the way and stay as long as we can. I am super excited and I’m so happy that we will have this Disney magic during our trip!