AK advice

This is our 1st trip to AK. I thought I had my TP done, but now with the AM EMH, I am reconsidering everything!! We will be there next Friday May 4 (CL 7). We have morning FP’s for KS, EE, FOP (husband), and Na’Vi (me and kids who are too short for FOP). I am hoping to get a RS for me to ride FOP- no judgement please- if the CM refuses to give me the RS I’ll either skip it or get in SB at the end of the night when hubby takes the kids back to the hotel. We will take a midday break and re-enter the park around 5. We have 6:40 dinner res at tusker house. The other musts to fit in are FOTLK and exploring the animal trails. We will not do KRR, dinosaur, or it’s tough to be a bug.

So EMH: My initial thought was go to pandora, I can get in SB for FOP so that I know that I get to ride it while hubby takes kids to Na’vi and they can ride that twice. But I am realizing that we would need to arrive at AK by 7? Probably not gonna happen. Then I thought we could take advantage of the cool AM temps to explore the animal trails first? But when I put this into my tp, it says that the trails don’t open until 9? I was planning to try to get into the 6:00 FOTLK and even try to grab a same day FP- but is this risky since it’s the last show of the day? The FOTLK FP’s are already gone for today. So should we do EE during EMH and change that FP to FOTLK? Any advice?

You’re on the right track in your thinking. If EMH is 8am, then unless you get to the gate by no later than 6:45, then both FoP and Navi are gonna be not fun. I would do what you’re thinking. Get there as close to rope drop for EMH as possible, then head straight to EE and you can probably do the Safari in standby as well. And get that FP for FOTLK so you can do that late show. EE and Safari will be walk-ons as everyone is in Pandora.

I agree with joejccva71, but I would still consider going to Na’vi river during EMH.
Everybody is going to FoP and even if you arrive at 7:45, you should be able to ride Na’vi with a wait time less than 10 minutes.

IMO, these two options are good:

  • EE, followed by KS
  • Na’vi, followed by KS

However, KS is not always operating during EMH.

If so, I would go for Na’vi followed by EE and be ready to hop in line for KS at 9:00.