AK - 3 FP's before lunch?

Planning for early May '19. I would like to book FP for KS, FOP, and EE. Ideally, I would like to use these before lunch to have the ability to get additional FP in the afternoon. Is this realistic? Or even necessary? Or should I space them out more and relax? We don’t rope drop - will be arriving in the park by 9:30, and plan to stay until close.

What day in your trip is this? If it’s day 1 or 2 may have harder time finding morning fop fp.

Ah, good point. It’s day 4.

You should easily be able to get all those FP’s before lunch and I think it’s a good plan. With modify/refresh you should be able to round up a lot of good afternoon FP’s and maybe using one of the drop times even score an FoP.

Thanks for the feedback! I am thinking to start with EE, then head to Safari and the Gorilla trail, then make our way to FOP (as long as the FPP’s work out) and have lunch at Satu’li. That order of events seems to make the most sense when looking at the map. Just don’t want to wear our legs out too early in the day :laughing:

Oh I misread your original post and missed that FoP was one of your three.

According to theDibb, right now day 4 FoP FP’s are available for the afternoon and day 5 are available for the morning. Of course, it will depend on how crowded your day is, your party size, and a whole bunch of other factors, but you should have a decent shot of getting FoP before lunch, though I wouldn’t guarantee it.